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PUMA Workwear Accessories Multi-Scarf

  • robust, flexible material
  • protection from sun, wind, insects, dust
  • for use as headband, bandana, scarf, mask, wristband etc.
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Sizes: one size


PUMA Workwear Accessories Multi-Scarf

This PUMA Workwear multi-scarf is part of the accessories collection that serves to complement all PUMA Workwear lines in a practical and stylish way.

The multi-scarf is made from robust, stretchy material and is suitable for any outdoor work activity.

Thanks to the flexible tubular scarf shape, it can be utilized in many ways, for example as a headband, bandana, scarf, mask, wristband and much more. It can be used to protect your skin from direct sunlight, insects, wind and dust.

Thanks to the signature PUMA design, you don’t have to compromise on style with PUMA Workwear, and you can combine our kit with all your outfits.

Care instructions: hand wash only



100% cotton



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